Orange Cake + two different frosting!


For months (and this I'm certain about), I have been on the hunt for an orange cake recipe.

I almost gave up because how hard could it be to find a legit orange cake recipe? One that's easy too!

Peppers and Egg Sandwich a la Laura Vitale


The night before me and my mom made this, I was searching for a breakfast meal that is easy to prepare.

I was on YouTube checking if any of my favorite vloggers got anything new for me and it must be fate because then the great Laura Vitale had just uploaded a video that same night.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie: Halloween is over?!

Fudge Walnut Brownies, Joy The Baker-style


Before I made my first ever brownies, lo and behold, I didn't like them. Shocking, I know. Maybe it's because the ones that I would get to try aren't really what I envision a brownie to taste like. But if somebody gives me a box of brownies you bet that I'd still eat them!

This particular one is by the amazing Joy The Baker. If you don't already adore her and her equally amazing recipes, then I have to ask you to please go and visit her website. It's pure baking heaven!

Vanilla Bean cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow frosting...not quite a success


I think now is the perfect time for me to finally upload this photo. 

It's a vanilla bean cupcake (overbaked. Oops!) with toasted marshmallow frosting (which was a major fail, let me tell ya).  Now, I'm still trying to figure out how to put the links to the sites where I got the recipes from.

Hello, World of Food Blogging!

I write this very first post two days after I turned 22. I have long been inspired by all the wonderful food bloggers out here on the Web and here I am, finally, creating a 'food blog' of my own.  Now, I know a blog that blogs about food would and should post original recipes, right?
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