Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookies


...actually the proper name for these should be 'quadruple chocolate espresso cookies'.  Why I didn't name them so?  Ehh...  Let's just go with 'triple chocolate' and pretend it's the truth.

Got half an hour or more to spare?

Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes


It amazes me when I see somebody eat a cupcake and they don't get any frosting on their nose.  Or all over their face.  Like excuse you, kind soul, but how much magic did it cost so you could enjoy cupcakes out in public and not unconsciously smear frosting all over your face?

But of course if there's a fork to aid you, then this whole cupcake eating business will probably be less messy.  Probably.

Mocha Hazelnut Streusel Loaf


If you grew up or stayed for sometime in the PH, you may or may not have had a slice of Goldilocks' mocha cake.  Yes, it's the one with the mega buttery frosting and the mega delicious coffee-flavored chiffon.

This little babe of a loaf right here tastes pretty close to that.

Dare I say that this, even without frosting, tastes better?

Birthday Cake Blondies


First things first... Happy New Year!  And yes, I'm fully aware that it has been 4 days since we welcomed 2016.  But here I am with my very first post for the year!

A question or three, though: Have you seen the movie "Howl's Moving Castle"?  Would you like to meet a scarecrow named 'Turniphead'?  But most importantly, Howl.  Doesn't he look adorable with this hair color?

Should I stop talking about the movie and start with what this post is really about?

Yeah, I think I should.  Just don't annoy Calcifer too much.  Okay, I'll stop for real now!

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