Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cookies


Do you also have those days when you want to bake something?  Like you don't know what yet aside from it has to be fuss-free.  Ridiculously delicious but easy because it could be too hot in your kitchen or it's already quite late in the evening.

But you just have to bake something!

Brownies and blondies are the easiest options because after mixing the batter you just pour it onto the pan and that is it.  But cookies?  These 'Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cookies' from Sweetest Menu?

We're turning it into a one-bowl, no-mixer recipe!

I was able to do so with help from my kitchen scale.  I took out a large mixing bowl, placed it on top of the scale and pressed 'tare' so the bowl's weight is canceled out.  I did the same thing after a different ingredient is added to the mixture.  The great thing about this cookie recipe is it has both metric and cup measurements.  If you go the cup way and if you have no scale, it's perfectly fine.  You can still enjoy these cookies but you'll have a few measuring cups to clean up after.

You do have a scale?  Cancel out the weigh of your mixing bowl by pressing 'tare' or whatever it's called on on your scale then measure each ingredient, pause to whisk, press 'tare' again then repeat.

I think scooping cookie dough into balls is tedious.  But I still do it.  We all still do it anyway.  Do you happen to have an ice cream scoop? Use that to scoop cookie dough and you'll likely end up with even sized cookies and no fight will ensue.  Once the people in your household notice one's cookie is smaller than the that may be an issue.


The ice cream scoop I have measures a little less than 2 tablespoons and I baked the cookies for 9 to 10 minutes.  If you use a smaller scoop, lessen the baking time.  Bigger ice cream scoop?  Increase baking time and make sure each cookie is placed farther apart from each one or else they'll stick together.

Oh and after baking I also sprinkled each cookie with pink salt.  You should give it a try, too!

Whether it literally feels like an oven in your kitchen or it's almost midnight but you need cookies, check these funfetti cookies out.  Have a tall glass of warm milk while you munch on these!

Tell me how it goes!

Til the next post!


  1. This is such a lovely picture. I hope those cookies were as good as they look! :)

    1. They were really good! Especially because there were sprinkles involved. Haha! Thank you, Marian.


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