Matcha Crinkle Cookies


I knew right away that matcha will be a favorite after my first bite of my first ever matcha-flavored food.  It was a humble yet glorious lil muffin and its insides were softly tinged green (!!!).  Since then whenever I see 'matcha' on a blog, Pinterest, tumblr and everywhere else, I just go nuts and seconds later, I'll be reading up on that blog post and bookmarking it after.

I even bought freaking soy milk just so I could make iced matcha latte!  Have you ever tried making iced matcha latte?  Without a bamboo whisk? Which I didn't know was called that prior to reading up on homemade matcha lattes.  

Oh well!

Easy Peasy Coffee Pancakes!


Have you ever eaten dinner way past dinnertime?  I remember a friend saying they usually eat late in the evening.  My family, on the other hand, we try to eat dinner before it gets too late.  How about yours?

But this one night, I found myself deciding between two pancake recipes...and it was already 10pm.  I thought I already had myself convinced that I'd just go to bed instead.  Who was I kidding?  I must have spent 15 minutes trying to fight the emerging want to eat!

Eh...I gave in.

One-Layer Strawberry Chocolate Cake


Do you ever get the sudden urge to bake?

I sure do! But most of the time when I get that sudden burst of energy to do so, I'm almost always out of one or two ingredients.  So whatever recipe I already had in mind, I end up choosing another.  Something where the ingredient list meets whatever contents are in our pantry and fridge.

Salted Double Chocolate Caramel Cookie


Since Adele's 'Hello' came out, I can't help the strong urge to start every post with "hello, it's me".  So...

Hello, it's me.  With no copyright or infringement whatever intended.  I love you, Adele! Keep on blessing us with more heart-wrenching, emotion-busting anthems that we all will sing along to for years and years.

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