Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes + Caramelized Bananas


I love breakfast food, yes.  But as much as I adore the whole breakfast concept, I'm not really too keen on waking up early.  Oh I still remember the mornings when I would willingly wake up at dawn and prepare for training.  Yep!  I once dreamt of becoming a pro athlete, too, you know.

A couple (more than a couple, actually) years has passed and I've yet to get that waking-up-early habit back.  But my love for everything breakfast stayed with me.

But you and I and everybody know that breakfast can be enjoyed any time of the day!  Right? Or damn right!?!



Truth be told, the only reason I took the plunge and made churros was because our oven is in bad shape.

Like it still has power and heats up but the temperature dial is broken.  I know I could just get an oven thermometer but ehh!  Plus, I also wanted to know how churros made from scratch differ or be similar to the ones we buy.

Simple, Egg-free Pancakes


Recently, I've been turning to the Web for answers.  For emergencies such as 'AHH! We're out of *whatever ingredient and whatever possible substitute there could be* but I want *whatever the end product of said missing ingredient/sub + other stuff would have been* now!'...or something.

I know you're saying the easiest solution would be to just go to the market and restock.

Red Velvet + White Chocolate Cookies


It's perfectly understandable for little kids to get really excited when they receive something, right?  I think the same applies to adults, too!  Please don't burst out laughing but my goodness even I couldn't believe how happy and excited I was when I got two glorious kilos of flour.  Like I smiled one wide smile, buddy!  In my mind I was doing a happy dance and then stopped because 'Abigail, it's just flour, stop'.  

And then I remembered this adorable scene from Stranger Than Fiction where Harold gave Ana flours instead of flowers (get it?!):


100 points to Harold for being a cutie pie and practical at the same time!  Please, I know you'd be excited to receive bags of flour, too, if you love to bake!

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