Banana Cinnamon and Walnut Pancakes


Back in college, I would religiously sit in front of my vanity and put on makeup.  I would try my very best (keyword here is try) to wake up a couple hours before classes.  Like I'd just be wearing a shirt, jeans and sandals but damn was my eye liner on fleek!  Unfortunately, I've lost the touch; I cannot seem to draw even, sharp lines anymore and you bet I am frustrated.

This post has nothing to do with makeup though.  I just wanted to share because all those YouTube makeup tutorials I've been watching make long for that era in my life (lol) when I could do a perfect cat eye, no sweat and anxiety felt and retouch needed.


If you also have a food blog, how do you do your breakfast posts?

Do you wake up extra early to prep and cook, wait for the sun to rise real high, plate your food, randomly but artfully place your utensils here and there, take pictures, move things around, take more pictures then finally, eat?

I know.  There's some real hard work and sacrifice involved here.  Tummy rumbling while the food's already prepared but you can't eat yet because photos.  Coffee's already (disgustingly) cold but you drink it as it is anyway.

I'm not saying you should go through the same for these pancakes!

These pancakes are Pastry Affair's 'Banana Cinnamon Pancakes' and yes, I added a half cup of walnuts in there because, girl, we have this three pound bag of walnuts.  What would you do with 3 pounds-worth of walnuts?!  Might as well put it in everything!  Right!?

Anyhoo.  For the flour, I only used all-purpose because I don't have any whole wheat.  I also used 3 bananas instead of just 2.  Does anyone still use the term 'YOLO'?  Oh and the bananas used were already in the perfect, ultra ripened, soft and gory-looking stage so I knew the banana flavor was really going to come through.  I also thought about making some caramelized bananas to put atop the pancakes like what I did on this other banana pancake.

But I didn't.  I'm saving them to make my Lola's banana cake later which also involves walnuts.

These pancakes are a huge hit with Pastry Affair's readers... including me!  Soft, fluffy, smells amazing and so banana-y (which isn't a legit word but hey)!  Try adding in some walnuts, too, for a bit of crunch.  Oh and make some caramelized bananas to take it to the next level!

I know you'll enjoy these.  Leftovers can be reheated in the micro!

Oh.  My.  God.  Before we part, I just had an idea.  Nutella.  Spread some Nutella over them warm pancakes.  You're very much welcome.

Til the next post!

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