Hello, World of Food Blogging!


I write this very first post two days after I turned 22. I have long been inspired by all the wonderful food bloggers out here on the Web and here I am, finally, creating a 'food blog' of my own.  Now, I know a blog that blogs about food would and should post original recipes, right?
But alas! I don't have any yet but I'd like to think that someday I will and with that laid out I admittedly am no pro nor did I go to school to learn how to bake or cook.  

I sort of would like to think that I'd be the recipe tester. Okay, okay. It's getting real complicated in here. Let me put it this way; if in the makeup/beauty blog world, a blogger would buy a product from a certain brand, try it on and comment nice or not so nice things about it on a video or a written post and if she or he would recommend it or not and soon it's adieu and that would be it; yes, that's how I envision this little site to be. 

Not that I'll be doing any cooking videos anytime soon. Oh no. And it's not that I had to give an example because it's highly likely that my point of being a recipe tester is already understood. And this post is getting really lengthy. I'd be really surprised but delighted if this gets read by another but really there's nothing yet on here. 

One thing is for certain, I'll be reading this post again and again after I press that 'post' button. It's my first post in my first food blog after all! 

Oh, and welcome, to whoever may be stumbling upon this novella of a post about nothing in particular! 

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