Double Chocolate Chip Cookie: Halloween is over?!


I am typing this post on a Wednesday and on the next day (a Thursday, haha) we'll be leaving for vacation.


After work on a Tuesday evening, I had my mind on baking the usual cookie.

I totally had no plans on doing another cookie recipe but my mother, out of the blue, suggested if I could add cocoa powder into the batter.

I said yes.

And then I remembered I bookmarked a recipe from Joy The Baker that had cocoa powder as an ingredient...

...that I scheduled for me to try and 'test bake' on December.

Yes, my friend, I already have the whole of November and December all planned out! So you bet that I'll have something for you every other week! *happy dance*

The foundation of deliciousness.

So this cookie went from 'Soft Batch Style' to 'Double Chocolate Chip Cookie'.


I'm not really sure if I have tried a double chocolate chip cookie before but we all know that there's a high possibility that I already have.

I'd really like to own cute bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and to be able to bake and take photos during the day. Just because natural light = Instagram-worthy photos.

Dark chocolate chips and cocoa powder were used in this cookie and produced...

I can't get my cookies to be even in size and choco chips!

...a chocolate-y batter.

I used heaping teaspoons but yeah, I could have just used a tablespoon instead.  These turned out to be quite not so flat.

But that's fine.  When your kitchen smelled as good as mine did, I don't think a flat/not flat cookie will even register in your mind.

Before they enter the oven...

And I only planned on putting a single chocolate chip on top of the cookie but why not make it two, yes?

Now by the time I was putting chips on the third (or fourth) cookie, I noticed that I unconsciously, made eyes.  Out of dark chocolate.

And I wanted to build a face but with cookie icing maybe or something else.

Out comes the oven the cookies with 'eyes' but not a complete 'face'.

They smelled sooooo good!

I wanted to eat one as soon as I took the first batch out of the oven but mother put a stop to it.  I waited for it to cool. Can you actually believe it?

I already baked at least two dozen cookies when mother (again) asked if I have white sprinkles that I could use to create the mouth.

Of course I do. It just never occurred to me that I could use sprinkles instead.

So with my remaining batter, I finally made cookies with complete 'faces'.

Don't freak out. Steady yourself.

Guys, I'd like you to meet the gang.

I have to say though the sprinkles I used? I don't think they're of good quality because the color faded and ended up looking like rice grains. But eh.

They still looked really adorable to me. Plus, they're just in time for Halloween.





Where did all the candy go? I mean...where did all the time go?

I shouldn't really be eating any of these cookies but when there is milk poured into a cup and freshly baked cookies... why are you stopping yourself?! So, naturally, I didn't.

I have to say it was a very good choice I made.

It's the holiday season already, anyway, so indulge yourself.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make these!

Wanting a double dose of chocolate? Try these!

Want to bake a regular but soft and yummy cookie? Go for this one!

I suddenly sounded so excited. It's the sugar kicking in, folks.


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