Peppers and Egg Sandwich a la Laura Vitale


The night before me and my mom made this, I was searching for a breakfast meal that is easy to prepare.

I was on YouTube checking if any of my favorite vloggers got anything new for me and it must be fate because then the great Laura Vitale had just uploaded a video that same night.

That video, my friend, is about how to make this Peppers and Egg Sandwich .

I suggest you give this one a try. It's really easy.

Granted that you have all the ingredients on hand. But with any other recipe, we should all check the ingredient list first.

You wouldn't want to set your mind into cooking this one only to find out there are no eggs available on hand.

This one's best enjoyed with a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, or milk, OJ or... whatever floats your boat.

Have a good one!

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