One Brownie Recipe, Countless Possibilities!


Is that even possible?

I think so.

This delicious cheesecake brownie recipe is by Laura Vitale and that woman knows good food.

Good food that don't require any super powers to make.

First time I made them, I was very skeptical because it was my first ever try at baking brownies.

But this wonder of a recipe didn't fail me. It worked!

And it was very, very yummy.

Sooo fast forward to when I wanted to make another batch of brownies again, I didn't bother looking for a different recipe to try out.

I'm sticking to this one.  Thank you, Laura Vitale!

Pistachios were added to this particular batch and thank Heavens I decided to do so!

Fancy, huh?

I know.

The third time, I decided to omit the cream cheese and make something new.  At first I didn't know what I was going to call this particular recipe but I just had that 'Aha!' moment and it hit me.

I named them 'Rocky Road Brownies'.

Nuts + Marshmallows = Rocky Road Deliciousness.

I used regular toasted nuts that were labeled as 'salted' but really didn't have any taste.

Now you see the marshmallows pre-folding.

And now you don't because I wasn't able to take a photo when I put a couple more marshmallows on top before I put the pan inside the oven.

But my friend something mysterious happened after the timer was up.

The marshmallows disappeared!

Actually... See those charred parts of the brownie crust?

I think that may be the missing marshmallows and I can't tell you if it affected the taste of the brownie or what.

Maybe it did but not in a bad way because my family polished this batch off so quick that I wasn't able to sample even just a tiny slice.

Next time, maybe... Hopefully!

Bad lighting!

So let's both sit in front of our computers and appreciate how good the brownies look no matter how horrible the lighting is or charred the marshmallows got.

But I wish I could have had even just one slice, you know?

Next time.

So on your next baking adventure, give this brownie recipe a try and you can experiment like I did!

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