Have A Banana Bread with Nutella For Breakfast!


Yo.  How are you doing, gal/pal?

Hope you're doing just great and I hope you will allot time so you can make this banana bread for breakfast!
I don't know how many more times I'll be mentioning the word 'breakfast' but since I've mentioned it thrice already, I think it's time I tell you one thing.

I love breakfast food.  Ask me if I'd like pancakes for lunch (or dinner) and I'd say yes in a heartbeat.

And apparently there is a specific kind of banana that is used in baking.  I didn't know that.  But even if I didn't have said bananas I still pushed on with the recipe!

Speaking of the recipe, I bookmarked it from one of my favorite blogs ever, What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today.  If you aren't already a huge fan (like me), I suggest you give her site a visit and be awed by how beautiful her photos and recipes are.

But here you have an open jar of Nutella and if you love Nutella like I do then you just have to try this banana bread!

I mean eating Nutella straight out of the jar is totally fine because who doesn't, right?!  But sometimes it's best paired with other flavors, too!

In this case, Nutella is sandwiched in banana bread.  And for me banana + Nutella is just perfection!  

And I still haven't shared the link to this recipe with you.


I know not all of us have the luxury to bake in the morning especially on weekdays.  But on mornings when you can, you must try this!  This 'Banana Bread with Nutella' is what you should have for breakfast today! Or whenever you want to!

And just so we could part ways on a very positive and hazelnut-y way, here's a closeup of how the middle looks like.

Hope you enjoyed that one!

Til next time!

And I hope by then you have already tried this banana bread recipe!

Oh! And one last thing! Marta Greber herself liked and commented on my IG photo of this bread!

And just like with Top With Cinnamon's Izy, I'm having fangirl attack!!



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