Double Chocolate Banana Muffins!


We all know the saying 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade'.

This post is neither about lemons nor about making lemonade.


We had a bunch of (overly) ripe bananas and I wouldn't allow such precious things be put to waste!

I mean instead of discarding them (please, DON'T), make banana bread or muffins or pancakes!

Plus mashing bananas is one way to release some stress.  You know those lemons life gave you?

Don't let the lemons get to you and if somehow they really do, look at that lush and undeniably chocolate-y chocolate chunk studded batter!

So beautiful.

Oh, and you will only be using a plain ol' whisk.  No need to get the heavy mixer out!

I know I won you at the no-mixer part, right? No? Well, how about fresh out the oven muffins?

I mean obviously I can't really capture how amazing these smelled when I took them out the oven to cool.

The question is: Did I really let them cool?

For a little while, I did, then I had to try one and my friend, it was soo good!

Oh and did I tell you I got this recipe from Smitten Kitchen? No again? Well, there you go.

My gut told me she has just the perfect 'Double Chocolate Banana Bread' recipe .  So I went searching on her site and found that.  Very good times for recipe searching!

I mean come on! If these photos aren't making you hungry for some banana bread... Oops. I didn't turn mine into loaf form.  So for a change, I made muffins instead!

So if you're going to do the same, you'll get 12 yummy muffins out of this recipe.  And to get those tempting chocolate chunks atop? Just sprinkle a few on each before you place the pan in the oven.  Easy peasy!

And before this post ends that started with lemons, when there are no lemons involved in this recipe, I'd like to say this banana bread recipe is so good and easy to make.

And that I will absolutely be making a batch of these again, soon!

Maybe this time I'll stay on track and make it in loaf form!

Til the next post!

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