Peanut Butter Chocolate Confetti Cookies


Let me tell you that these soft, peanut butter-y goodness just saved the day.

I had originally planned on making some double chocolate baked donuts.

But I don't own a donut pan.

But Google be like 'Girl, that's not gonna be an issue!' and led me to Izy Hossack's DIY donut pan how-to.

And still there were no donuts made that day which is sad.  But we are moving on!

After the whole no-donut-for-you-today-Abigail sitch, I started craving for ooey gooey marshmallows in cookies!

I stumbled upon two recipes: the first one is this marshmallow stuffed peanut butter cookie and then this chocolate marshmallow cookie.

The first one from Show Me The Yummy requires brown butter and the instructions are clear and easy to follow but I couldn't bring myself to actually try and make some brown butter!

But I did save the recipe because who knows? One day I might actually be brave enough to brown some butter.

The second one doesn't need brown butter that's why I chose it over the other.

Now in the original version, the sprinkles weren't mixed into the batter which I apparently did.  Also, the marshmallows were just placed on top of the cookie; not mixed with the cookie itself.

Another thing is the marshmallows were to be covered with chocolate fudge which I didn't do.

So sorry, Brown Eyed Baker.

Now... I had to think very carefully if I would share this photo with you because my mom said the others just look awful.


I mean baking/cooking is all about experimentation, right?!

Exhibit A.  I tried to stuff a huge marshmallow in between two scoops of dough; the results would be the huge cookies with exploded middles.

Exhibit B.  Then I cut the marshmallows into smaller pieces and dotted them on top of the cookie dough; that would be the ones with little white blobs on the center.

Exhibit C.  The final push was cutting the marshmallows in half and it didn't look as nice.

So if you ever find yourself in a similar frustrating situation, just skip the marshmallows!

Please don't hate on the cookies because they are absolutely good!

It's like eating a cakey, chocolate-y, slightly peanut butter-y brownie!

But in cookie form.

Yes, I just described a cookie to be cakey and brownie-like.

The cookie isn't chewy but it's soft.  It's not dense but cakey like some brownies.

And my cookie tower crumbled.

No really, ignore the fuss that is trying to put marshmallows in the cookie and just enjoy these as is!

Or maybe if you're a lot more daring, you could do some brown butter.

Or if you have magic powers then maybe you can actually do this with the marshmallow bit.

Good luck!

But doesn't that last photo remind you of Pac-Man?

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