Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


I know what you're thinking.

We're still months away from the holidays and yet here I am with these delicious chocolaty chewy cookies.

But sometimes it helps to prepare in advance, right? Like how you'll note in your planner or calendar when you'll be making these amazing cookies...  Important stuff like that need to be allotted time.

For example last Christmas, when everyone was still asleep, I was already in the kitchen, scooping, dredging, baking and packing crinkle cookies to give to children (and adults, too).

The cookies got positive feedback and I enjoyed them as well.

And I thought I've found the one in crinkle cookies category.

But this new recipe?

Oh. My.


Let me keep the link for a little while and allow me to gush about these cookies first.

To start, this one doesn't need any butter.  You must know by now that I love butter but sometimes I agree willingly to be without it once in a blue moon.

Speaking of blue moon, were you able to witness the blue moon this year?  Here are photos if you weren't able to!

You know what? Here's the recipe for these amazing chocolate crinkle cookies by Averie!

I realized I shouldn't keep such a wonderful recipe from anybody for too long.  And I don't see the point because you have to make these asap!  Or you can wait for Christmas but bless you and your tremendously patient soul!

If you are without any unsweetened chocolate which this recipe requires, I did the research for you.  For all of us that never seem to have any more space for any other kind that isn't milk, dark or white chocolate.

To this unsweetened chocolate substitute, I decided to use an additional tablespoon of cocoa.

A little more chocolate is always a great idea, right?

This is a no-mixer recipe which makes it even more perfect.

But there's a catch. Or not.

You have to chill the dough.  You can do the minimum 4 hours but I let it sit overnight because Averie said it is better.

When you make these cookies, you'll think of chocolate clouds.  And if you decide to share, then they will think of chocolate clouds, too.

Regardless of the season, I think these are best enjoyed any damn time.  In the middle of summer and craving for chocolate crinkle cookies? Make them.  Eat them.  In the middle (or start or end) of any season, make these, eat and since we're nice people, share.

Also when you do make them (whenever), show the wonder woman some loving!

Tag me, too?  Because let's be real; these are absolutely Instagrammable.

Til the next post!

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