Double Chocolate Cashew Nut Brownies


After I made these brownies, I realized I didn't use my mixer.


I  appreciate all the hard work it is able to do but most of the time a no-mixer recipe is just what I need.

The instructions may not indicate whether a mixer is necessary or not.  But once I read through the entire thing and hadn't come across any need to 'cream' or 'whip', then it's decided; no mixer needed!

And I know that there are others who can whip cream into whatever peaks without a mixer.

I'd like to raise a toast to all those who can!  But for those who have no clue if they can and have no desire in finding out, here, have a brownie.  I'm with you.

These no-mixer recipes are for you and me.  Wait.  They are for everyone.

Mix/fold all your ingredients together and pour the brownie batter onto a greased pan.  If you fancy, you can sprinkle more chocolate chips and nuts on the surface before baking!

If you're going to photograph these and blog about them too, we can at least try to make them look photogenic, right?

Our entire house smelled of chocolaty brownies while these were baking.  And my family couldn't wait until I am done because, you know, I still have to take pictures and stuff.

Oh, all the waiting they have to go through with a blogger in the family!

And we're near the end of this post and I have yet to share the recipe with you.  Typical Abigail.  Tsk tsk!

I was looking for an easy brownie recipe and Taste Of Home caught my eye with their 'Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies'.


If you are a fudgy brownie fan, these aren't for you.  

I'm terrible at describing things but a bite into one will give you a cross between slightly chewy and slightly cakey with melty chocolate chips and cashews.

Let me know what you think when you make these brownies!

Til the next post!

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