Pineapple Upside Down Cake


I don't think I've ever come across any shop that sell this cake.

Actually, scratch that.  I'm 100% certain that there is one cupcakery that does but only for a short while.

Considering how it's so good and such a classic, I feel it should be made available year round!

But even if they don't plan on doing so anytime soon, we shan't fret for the Web has its ways!

Look up 'pineapple upside down cake recipe' and be ready to sort through loads of entries!  But one of those would be from Averie Cooks (if not, search for that particular one!).

Read, admire and drool over her post (her entire blog, tbh) then you shall be convinced of how easy it is to make it!

Let go of your worries about upside down cakes.  Your taste buds will thank you.  So will the lucky people you'll be (hopefully) sharing them with.

Skip the boxed mix, make this cake (no mixer needed!) and impress!

Just don't expect it to come out looking all Pinterest-worthy like Averie's.  Look at mine and don't judge, por favor!

Don't forget you're supposed to sprinkle the brown sugar over the melted butter before arranging the pineapple slices in the pan.  A certain someone (that could be me, but who knows) forgot because her mind was not exactly where it should have been.  And if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, carefully lift the pineapple slices one by one and sprinkle brown sugar generously over the melted butter then return the slices back to their rightful places.

And if you're using a springform pan, bake the pan placed on a cookie sheet and I suggest you secure the bottom with aluminum foil, too.

If this is the part you somehow forget to do, just be prepared to clean your oven afterwards.  Don't say I didn't remind you!

Look at that cake!  It's so soft and just the perfect one to pair with the buttery, caramely glaze!

My mom and my best friend's mom adore this cake.

Because of them I'll always think of this cake as the 'Mothers' Favorite Cake' cake.  Maybe your mom loves this, too?  I know we're so far from Mothers' Day but why not surprise her and make this for her?

Or for anyone who loves this cake! Whether you're a lovely momma (or dada!), or be it Mothers' Day or just any normal day, one thing's for sure, a cake this bright and delicious is always welcome in anybody's home and belly.


You know the drill!  If you ever make this, tell me how it goes!

Til the next post!

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