Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies with a twist!


When I discover a new blog and get smitten with everything about it instantly, I'd spend a good amount of time on it.  

Going through the posts, admiring the beautiful photos, enjoying the funny's a wonderful cycle really.

And everything is made even more wonderful when a cookie recipe has you inhaling 3 (okay, maybe 4) cookies as soon as they come out of the oven.  Don't tell me it hasn't happened to you!

I don't feel guilty about it.  No one should ever feel guilty about it if  the cookies are just that good!

I found The Little Epicurean when I was searching the Web for a cinnamon roll recipe.  I found a really interesting one on her blog (she used coco jam!), but that will be for later.

As I jumped from one recipe category to another, I knew I was going to bookmark a few in the 'cookie' section.  And I did.  Do you do that, too?  Go into a bookmark frenzy upon discovering a brand new blog?

One of them was this 'brown butter chocolate chunk cookies'.  Doesn't sound special, right?

These cookies, aside from the browned butter, also have ground hazelnuts and are sprinkled with sea salt right after baking.

Therefore these cookies are not to be ignored.  These cookies are going to surprise you.  These cookies are unlike any of the cookies I've made (they're all in the recipe section of this blog!).  These cookies are so good!  These cookies are special.

That sounds like something Cookie Monster would say.  Or sing!

Now that is one beautiful cookie tower!

But there are times when I don't have the exact ingredients on hand.  What to do when this happens to you?  Make do with what you already have.

I didn't have ground hazelnuts so I just chopped whole hazelnuts as finely as I could.

I didn't have sea salt but I do have the pink kind.  Whatever kind you already have, work around those.

Problem solved!

And please, please, don't forget to add the salt in the end!  I forgot to add it on the first cookie I ate and on the second I remembered and oh goodness!  It just improves the cookie and makes it taste even better and I didn't think it could because it was already delicious salt-free!

So don't you forget about the salt in the end!

I'm really happy that I continue to find such beautiful and inspiring blogs with unique recipes such as this one.  One day, I hope new visitors will get the same reaction with my blog.

Make a big batch of these 'brown butter chocolate chunk cookies with hazelnut and sea (pink) salt'!  You can sing along to Cookie Monster while you're at it!

Til the next post!

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