Double Chocolate Oreo Brownies


Is there a pack of Oreos in your pantry that you haven't opened or eaten yet?  Yes?

You could definitely enjoy those on their own or with a glass of milk where you'll dunk the entire pack one by one and the cookies will get mushy and fall apart... things can get real messy but at least you'll have Oreo milk!

But sometimes Oreo milk or plain Oreos just won't do, right?  Think of them mixed within something that's just as delicious; like ice cream or cookies or brownies!

I mean if you have spare time, the ingredients and most importantly the willpower (or you're simply craving for something ultra delicious), why not go big and bake with Oreos instead!

I follow this beautiful Tumblr, Sweet Tooth Girl, and if you too have a sweet tooth, I urge you to press that follow button and go wild reblogging and planning what recipe you'll try first.  

One of the recipes I discovered through that magical blog is this 'Double Chocolate Oreo Brownies'.  What to do when you discover something just as promising?  You visit the link, read up on the post while drooling over the photos that would eventually convince you how you must try these the soonest!

That's the power of photos, I guess.  When you capture an image in the perfect angle and light, even with minimal styling, you'll instantly be drawn to it; and want to recreate the recipe in your own kitchen.  This particular brownie is one of those gems.  With only a handful of ingredients needed, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't give this one a try.

Like today?

Should I present you with other reasons why these brownies should be on your next baking agenda?

1.  You don't need any help from you mixer (hooray for no-mixer recipes!).

2.  You can definitely make this in just a single bowl and not have a mountain of dishes to worry about afterwards.

3.  These brownies are just too good you don't really need any more reasons.  Just make them already!

But if your microwave is currently undergoing repair and are a bit hesitant doing the double boiler/bain marie thing...well, there's no escape; only another method still involving a pan, a heatproof bowl and heat.  I am definitely one of those people who fear the possibility of burning chocolate and the microwave was always there to save the day.  And yet there are days when it isn't.  We need not fret because I think Alice Medrich's technique of melting chocolate on the stove is easy peasy.  You most certainly can do it!

Just be careful!

I find it challenging to photograph bar desserts.  I just can't seem to find the right angle with the right light to shoot them in always!  But let's say you aren't going to blog about these delectable brownies, you can wait for them to cool completely or while still piping hot, get a spoon and dig in.  Rules are meant to be bent!  Oh, and have a scoop of ice cream with it too.

I hope you do have some Oreos to spare so you could make this brownie!  Then if you decide to share, many more will know how amazing this double chocolate Oreo brownie is.  In turn, they'll adore you even more.  But they may ask for these brownies to make a regular appearance in their life.  There's nothing wrong with stocking up on Oreos for when they do!

Leave me a comment or tag me when you make this!

Til the next post!

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