Mocha Hazelnut Streusel Loaf


If you grew up or stayed for sometime in the PH, you may or may not have had a slice of Goldilocks' mocha cake.  Yes, it's the one with the mega buttery frosting and the mega delicious coffee-flavored chiffon.

This little babe of a loaf right here tastes pretty close to that.

Dare I say that this, even without frosting, tastes better?

Don't get me wrong here because if anyone was to offer me a slice of that Goldilocks cake, I'll gladly take and devour it.  But sometimes when I feel like surprising myself, I shy away from anything that uses sticks and sticks of butter.

Like this mocha chiffon cake that looks just like Goldi's.  Have you ever used 8 sticks of butter for one cake?!

I am in no way talking you out of trying that layer cake recipe.  It's just... 8 sticks of butter for the frosting?!  I think I need a breather.  And a slice or five (which is the entire loaf really) of this frosting-free but sprinkled with streusel loaf  cake!

The recipe I used for the loaf cake is My Kitchen Antics' 'Mocha-Walnut Marbled Loaf Cake'.

For the streusel, I used the one found on this 'Chocolate Hazelnut Streusel Bread' recipe.

'Abigail, that recipe clearly says marbled.  Yours is far from being a marble loaf!'

Ehh!  What can I say?  I much prefer the taste of coffee to be the dominant flavor rather than just get hints of it.  I love coffee.  Do you now understand why I did such a thing?

You can always do the marble thing, you know, if you want to.  Because it will sure look prettier in photos!

I want you to rebel against a recipe this one time.  Pretty please?  Since you will not be doing the marble thing, don't forget the streusel which came from an entirely different recipe and website!

I sincerely hope the two women who created both recipes won't mind.  I'm grateful for them both for coming up with delicious recipes.  You will be too once you try this combo.

A few other changes I made: 

One, aside from me not doing the marble effect, I also decided to add a heaping 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chunks and thank you for asking because they all sunk to the bottom of the pan.  Genius idea that one, huh.  

Two, I baked these in little 7" loaf pans at around 28 minutes.  If you do the same and use a different-sized pan, check the loaves after 25 minutes: no wet batter means they're good to go!

Three, I added half a teaspoon of instant coffee (Nescafe's Dark Roast!) to the streusel which is what I also used in the loaf.

Four, I only have whole hazelnuts.  The loaf recipe asks for ground nuts and what I did was chop them as finely as I could instead.  But if you have a food processor, blitz whatever kind of nut you chose no problemo!

Five and the last, I used brown sugar in both the loaf and streusel.  Fin!

Did I already tell you how extremely and delightfully delicious this mocha loaf is?  It's easy too!  My family loves these little mocha hazelnut loaves.  They are tasty but not sickeningly sweet which is always top priority around here.

Should I impart with you a quote before this post ends?

"The greatest ideas are the simplest."
- William Golding, Lord of the Flies

Will it be too cheesy for me to say that this simple loaf with simple streusel is proof that that quote speaks nothing but the truth?

No?  Yes?

You tell me when you make this!

Til the next post!

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