Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookies


...actually the proper name for these should be 'quadruple chocolate espresso cookies'.  Why I didn't name them so?  Ehh...  Let's just go with 'triple chocolate' and pretend it's the truth.

Got half an hour or more to spare?

Make these.  Don't even think twice about it, bud, just do!

I found these cookies while I was looking for espresso or coffee-flavored sweets.  If you are a coffee lover as much as your friend here, I strongly urge you to keep a bottle of instant espresso or even instant coffee in your pantry at all times.

Have you already been acquainted with the magic of instant espresso/coffee and use it for baking?  I  didn't believe then when food bloggers would say that even the tiniest amount of this powder, though undetectable, will make a huge difference in whatever chocolate dessert it is you're baking.  Imagine me nodding enthusiastically because it freaking does!  Coffee is magic.  End of discussion.

I've long been a fan of Food52 but this is the first recipe I tried from there.  Would you be able to look past cookies named 'Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies'?  I couldn't! The post was read, ingredients checked (all were on hand) and a decision was made right after; these cookies are to be made the very next day because it was already late at night (more like extremely early in the morning) and I'm a good inhabitant of the house and wouldn't want to wake my family up.  Fun fact: I absolutely lack the ability to work without making any noise.

I incidentally made these not just 'double chocolate' because why not use white, milk and dark chocolate when you can!  If you only have one or two kinds, it'll work just as well.  As long as there's chocolate, the cookies will be fine and so will you.

These cookies are described as rich and indeed they are.  Have a cup of milk nearby when you eat these.  Heck!  Have coffee with it!

Oh!  I remembered something.  I have found the perfect quote for all us coffee and chocolate fans out there!

“Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.”

― Cherise Sinclair

Don't you agree?  I'd like to hear about your take on these espresso cookies!

Til the next post!

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