Coffee and White Chocolate Chip Cookies


I could have gone the usual route and baked a regular chocolate chip cookie.  But why would I do that, right?  Most especially when there's a huge ass bottle of instant dark roast coffee in the pantry!

So I looked for a recipe where it is used and found one!

You may simply shake your head at this nonsense but I prefer trying out a brand new recipe over a tried and loved one.  What is it?  Major #FoodBloggerProblems indeed!  But at the same time I just can't keep from any recipe with instant espresso!  I just use a little bit more instant coffee because I can't seem to find that holy grail espresso powder anywhere here.  Trust me, I've looked around.

And surprise, surprise!  This won't be as lengthy as per usual.  All I'm going to say before you go and collect the ingredients and bake these absolutely have to try these 'Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies'.  These cookies are thick yet soft yet chewy but hits all the boxes in 'one of the most delish cookies you'll ever have' category.  It's the truth.

But I feel I should also tell you that the cookie dough has to chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.  If you think about it, it's not that long.  You don't think so?  Well, Anna of Crunchy Creamy Sweet said that the best chilling time is overnight.  So what would it be, bud?

Anna used chocolate chips but obviously somebody couldn't follow through.  Coffee + White Chocolate or any chocolate really = Heaven!

Whatever it is you aren't doing on any day you're free, make these.  Just don't forget to chill the cookie dough first, 'kay?  And whatever chocolate you decide to use or any other mix ins, make these still.

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Til the next post!

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