Whipped Chocolate Buttercream and Chocolate Cupcakes for two!


I have a scenario for you:  Your best friend of more than a decade (and counting) subtly hinted that she'd like for you to make her birthday cake on her birthday (of course).  And you, being the wonderful friend that you are, may have said yes or pretended not to hear but really, you're already planning what flavor and design you'll be doing with the upcoming birthday girl's request.

Let's skip to a couple of weeks and into the day.  The birthday.  The day you'll be 'surprising' your best pal with cake.

So you've baked the cake layers, no problemo.  You left them to cool and after about an hour or so you proceed to make the frosting.  You take out your mixer, measuring instruments and ingredients, most importantly.

You refer back to the frosting recipe you found on the Web when you realize you're running low on icing sugar.  And there's no way you can ever run to the nearest grocery and get some  more.  Billion pound question for you:  What would you do?

You could definitely freak out or ask that the Baking Goddesses give you guidance when you dare experiment on such a crucial day.  

You plop all the ingredients that you have and say a silent prayer whenever you add more of each.  Fast forward to presenting the cake, of course the celebrant was ecstatic and so are you but on the inside you're more than anxious.  'Will she like it?  Love it?  Despise it?!' then the cake was cut, the cake layers were as beautiful as you expected and the frosting?  Not that anyone's bragging but it was delicious.

In the end, everyone enjoyed the cake and the frosting experiment proved to be a huge success.  End scenario.

That was months and months ago.  That was the first ever cake I ever made for someone and first ever frosting I made up along the way.

It was a simple two layer chocolate cake with the most lush whipped chocolate buttercream.  Ever.

Let's build this cake!

Double Chocolate Birthday Cake

What you'll be needing:

Two 8-inch chocolate cake layers (Ina's recipe is the best ever)

Whipped chocolate buttercream, recipe below

Sprinkles of your choice

What you'll be doing:

Bake chocolate cake as instructed and let them cool completely.  Truly pressed for time and need to speed up the cooling of the cakes?  Check out this how-to!  Afterwards, if your cake layers are uneven, level them.  Keep the scraps and make cake truffles!  Place the bottom cake layer on the serving platter or wherever you're most comfortable decorating, and place about a heaping cup of buttercream atop and spread around with an offset spatula; it's totally fine if the frosting overflows.  Take the last cake layer and place either bottom-side up or cut-side down.  Top with more frosting and spread and cover sides hastily (crumb coat) then chill for half an hour; chill the remaining frosting too if it's hot out!

Once the frosted cake has firmed, finish the cake by spreading as much frosting needed to produce an entirely covered and smooth cake.  When you're happy with how the cake looks, take a handful of sprinkles and go around the edges and let it rain!  Throw some on the sides as well!  Then chill cake until ready to serve!

Whipped Chocolate Buttercream by yours truly!

What you'll be needing:

2 sticks unsalted butter, cubed and at room temperature

A heaping cup of icing sugar, sifted

1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 cup of heavy whipping cream, cold

1 and 1/2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

Salt, to taste

What you'll be doing:

In a mixing bowl, cream butter on high speed until pale.  Add sifted icing sugar and beat on high again until combined.  Repeat with cocoa powder.  Gradually add the cold heavy whipping cream and start mixer on lowest speed to avoid any mess.  Add vanilla and salt.  Once everything is combined, now's your time to taste test.  Once you've adjusted the taste to your liking, chill the frosting for at least 15 minutes.

I'm really happy with how this frosting turned out.  It tasted just like deep chocolaty mousse!  Smooth and absolutely not sickeningly sweet.  You know how other food bloggers will tell you that they eat frosting as is?  I will tell you the same thing now.  Me and my parents snacked on this, no shame!  If you live someplace where it's always humid, you want this frosting to be well chilled.

Oh and you'll probably have some leftovers despite you and your fam enjoying it by the spoon!

What to do?

Put those 'for two' cupcake recipes to test.  I chose this 'chocolate cupcake for two' recipe from Treats and Eats!  Oh and add 1/4 teaspoon of instant espresso or coffee while you do. :)

When I discovered that there are bloggers out there who downsize recipes, I couldn't wait to try them!  I'll tell you something though...

I got three cupcakes.  But I don't hear anybody complaining!

Try the frosting and tell me how it went, por favor?  I know you'll like it.  How'd you like your cake covered in mousse-like buttercream?  How'd you like your 'for two but really made three' cupcakes slathered with mousse-like buttercream?  See!

Leave me a comment!

Til the next post!

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