Brown Butter and Honey Pistachio Blondies


Let's start this post by me telling you, dear gal/pal, that I made these blondies* the moment I got out of bed.  Actually before I got out of bed I had to debate with myself (who doesn't!?) if I should get up now or in 10 or 30 minutes...

So there I was in the kitchen, in my PJs, socks and crazy bed hair and not yet fueled by coffee, making quite a noise as I gather the ingredients needed for this recipe.

I understand if the scenario is totally unheard of in your life.  At least now you know someone is dysfunctional enough to choose baking over the vital first cup of coffee of the day.

Oh and when I did make my coffee I had a mug of it.  Not a cup.  Nope!  A mug... which I abandoned and let get cold.

And that asterisk I put after blondies?  I mistook these golden squares for blondies but they are not blondies.  Apparently.

What's a cookie bar, anyhow?

These "blondies" are Baker by Nature's 'Brown Butter and Honey Pistachio Cookie Bars' and my goodness!  They are delicious!

Like do I still need an explanation as to what a dang cookie bar is?  Not anymore.  All I need is another piece of this chewy, sweet but not overly so blondie!

I meant to say cookie bar but hey whatever you fancy calling these.  They'll still taste just as good!  I'm so glad I decided to give this one a try and thank the bees for the bottle of local, wild honey I scored at the palengke.  Goodness, "at the palengke", cringe-worthy, Abby!

But you should watch this Mikey Bustos video and see for yourself what a palengke is in case you've never ever heard of it.

For mornings when you decide that baking first before everything else, these golden, sweet and chewy cookie bars (they're still blondies in my eyes and taste buds) are here to help you start your day!  Or lunch...or afternoon?  Evening?  Midnight?  Yes, these will be perfect as a midnight snack.

Hope you'll enjoy them as much as me and my family did!

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Til the next post!


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