One-Layer Strawberry Chocolate Cake


Do you ever get the sudden urge to bake?

I sure do! But most of the time when I get that sudden burst of energy to do so, I'm almost always out of one or two ingredients.  So whatever recipe I already had in mind, I end up choosing another.  Something where the ingredient list meets whatever contents are in our pantry and fridge.

Enter this one-layer chocolate cake recipe I found awhile back.  The first time I tried this cake recipe, everything went well.  The cake baked perfectly.  It tasted nice, too!  But this instance, you know, when I felt the need to bake chocolate cake and nothing could convince me otherwise, it sunk on me.

Is it because I had this 'brilliant idea' and decided to add chocolate chips and strawberry preserves to the batter?  I don't know.  The cake layer looked like those flourless chocolate cakes with its sunken center!  Most of the time, these brilliant ideas I come up with, they cause me more problems than solutions or good outcomes.

I decided to do a chocolate-strawberry combo just because.  Actually, we have this bottle of strawberry preserves and I know it's going to stay unnoticed until it's time to dispose of it.  Since I couldn't let that happen, this whole sitch came to be!

And call me extremely impatient (well, you aren't wrong), but the sun has already set but I wanted to take pictures of the cake immediately, I didn't let the strawberry buttercream set.  We all know what happens when we don't let buttercream set!  Hint:  quite a mess.  Only quite, but a not-set buttercream does not blog-worthy photos make.

But here they are in their aesthetically unpleasing state!

If I didn't add the chocolate and strawberry to the cake batter, everything would've turned out fine.  I guess?  So if you don't want yours to look like something heavy dropped from space and into the cake's middle, don't add anything else; stick to the recipe!

The strawberry buttercream?  No one should ever eat buttercream that hasn't been chilled properly.  It will be too sickeningly sweet.  And definitely not pretty in pictures!

I wish all your cakes rise beautifully and your buttercream be yummy and definitely not droopy all the time!

Til the next post!

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