Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes + Caramelized Bananas


I love breakfast food, yes.  But as much as I adore the whole breakfast concept, I'm not really too keen on waking up early.  Oh I still remember the mornings when I would willingly wake up at dawn and prepare for training.  Yep!  I once dreamt of becoming a pro athlete, too, you know.

A couple (more than a couple, actually) years has passed and I've yet to get that waking-up-early habit back.  But my love for everything breakfast stayed with me.

But you and I and everybody know that breakfast can be enjoyed any time of the day!  Right? Or damn right!?!


I'm also aware of how lacking in variety my breakfast posts are: 3 different pancakes and 1 champorado.  But I'm not super picky when it comes to breakfast.  Heck, a couple of hot pandesal with some cheese pimiento spread and hot coffee?  Good enough for me!

But I'll let the world know that not every pandesal is created equally.  Sadly.  If you're a fellow Pinoy, are you content with the pandesal you're buying/consuming/smearing with salted butter or those peanut butter spread from local bakeries?  For me, it has to be golden, toasty brown in color, soft and smooth in texture but dense and not airy...

If you've never had pandesal, look for one or 10.  Now.

But today's post isn't about pandesal...although I'm seriously considering trying making some!  Have you ever tried making homemade pandesal?  How did it go?  

What?  Oh!  The pancakes!

Let's make 'em!

Pancakes with Bananas and Chocolate Chips
and Caramelized Bananas

What you'll be needing:

2 cups Original Bisquickmix

1 cup milk

2 eggs

1 cup bananas, ripened and mashed

1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Chocolate chips

What you'll be doing:

In a mixing bowl, mix everything together except for the chocolate chips.  Heat a nonstick skillet and using a 1/4 cup measure, pour batter onto the hot skillet.  Make sure you scoop any visible banana chunks that may have sunk to the bottom!  Also, quickly, sprinkle as much or as little chocolate chips over the batter before turning.  Once there are mini bubbles on the surface, time to flip!  Repeat with the remaining batter.  Set the cooked pancakes aside, covered with aluminum foil.

Caramelized Bananas

What you'll be needing:

2-3 medium or large bananas, ripened, cut lengthwise or however you prefer

2-3 tablespoons brown sugar

1/4 cup salted butter

What you'll be doing:

In the same skillet you cooked the pancakes in, melt the salted butter on a medium high heat.  Once butter has completely melted, place cut bananas in and sprinkle brown sugar on top of each banana slices.  After a minute, turn each slices to cook the other half.  You want the bananas to change from pale to golden and slightly browned on each side.  The bananas should also soften but not too soft that when poked it will crumble.  Turn off heat, scoop hot caramelized bananas on top of warm pancakes and enjoy!


- the base of the pancake is from the back of a Bisquick box we have.  It's also on the Web over at Betty Crocker!

- since the caramelized bananas are already buttery and sweet, I found it unnecessary to smear more butter and pour maple syrup over the pancakes.  But if you've ran out of the delish caramely bananas, then by all means, smear some more butter and pour maple syrup over them!

I served these beauts with the caramelized bananas fresh off the skillet and my mother, needless to say, polished her share and asked for more!  Allow me to brag but even our guests liked them, too!  I think what made these out of the ordinary is the caramelized bananas piled on top.  Soo you know we've now found another use for overripe, not-for-eating, can't-dispose-of brown/black bananas.

I do hope you give this pancake combo a try be it for breakfast or midnight snack!

Til the next post!

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