Truth be told, the only reason I took the plunge and made churros was because our oven is in bad shape.

Like it still has power and heats up but the temperature dial is broken.  I know I could just get an oven thermometer but ehh!  Plus, I also wanted to know how churros made from scratch differ or be similar to the ones we buy.

You know how plenty of churros recipes there are on the Web?  Yep.  Too plenty, actually.  It really can be overwhelming but I decided on Kirbie's Craving's 'Spanish Churros with Chocolate'.

And because she shared a story about how the churros she ate while in Barcelona were the best ever.  And now I cannot wait until I, personally and literally, am in Barcelona and eat the same churros and watch a football game and take too many photos...  ah, one can dream, right?

So!  These churros!  The ingredients can all be easily found at home or at the store, so that's a plus, right?

The recipe will tell you to bring the water and butter to a boil and once the butter is melted, turn off the heat and plop in all the flour.  Then you add the eggs and stir, stir, stir.

 A quick segue, but this part reminded me of these courtesan au chocolat from The Grand Budapest Hotel (truly a magnificent movie everyone should see).  But the difference is, you'll be frying the choux pastry dough and not baking it.  We're making churros, not Agatha's three-layered edible art.  And I've always wanted to type out the words 'choux pastry' so...

Up to the point when I transferred the dough to a piping bag, I had no problem/issue/mess.  But when I was supposed to pipe the dough into the hot oil for frying, now the problem and huge, huge mess began.  Long story short, there was no need for me to pipe the dough because it just oozed out of the piping tip!  My choux pastry was runny.  And I completely had no idea how to remedy it or if it's remediable at all!  So after a couple batches of crooked churros, what I did was pipe (more like let ooze out) the dough into the hot oil in a coil round the bottom of the pot and with a pair of long kitchen scissors, snipped the dough into even lengths.

And now right before my eyes were churros!  Some of them looked like conch shells but that's okay.  Next task is to make the chocolate dip, easy peasy!  Heat the milk and chocolate until melted then add the cornstarch and stir, stir, stir until thick!

Mine didn't thicken up how I hoped it to and I used only 1 and 1/3 cup of milk.  Maybe I should've added more cornstarch?

Despite the glitch with the dough, the churros fried nicely.  They were crisp on the outside, airy and light on the inside.  I admit, I snacked on more than a couple before I even rolled them in some sugar!  The chocolate sauce tasted really good too!  Overall, I was really happy with this attempt of mine.

But if you're at the mall, just go and buy yourself some!  It'll save you time and dishes to wash.

But if you really want to give it a go too, I found that these churros were only pleasantly crisp on the day they were made!  TMI but the leftovers turned soggy the following day.  Tsk!

Til the next post!

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