Red Velvet + White Chocolate Cookies


It's perfectly understandable for little kids to get really excited when they receive something, right?  I think the same applies to adults, too!  Please don't burst out laughing but my goodness even I couldn't believe how happy and excited I was when I got two glorious kilos of flour.  Like I smiled one wide smile, buddy!  In my mind I was doing a happy dance and then stopped because 'Abigail, it's just flour, stop'.  

And then I remembered this adorable scene from Stranger Than Fiction where Harold gave Ana flours instead of flowers (get it?!):


100 points to Harold for being a cutie pie and practical at the same time!  Please, I know you'd be excited to receive bags of flour, too, if you love to bake!

Sooo from a fresh pack of flour plus a few other ingredients, these cookies are born.  I've actually had Jess' 'Chewy Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies' recipe bookmarked for so long now and finally I got around to baking it!

I wish I have this superpower to determine whether a recipe found in the Web will be a success or nah when I give it a go.  This one?  Yeah, you need to make them, too!


This one comes together quick which is always a major plus.  Who has the patience for chill time when one is in dire need of cookies asap?  Eh, today is one of those days when I can't deal with chilling the dough first.  I needed a cookie, fast!

I'll have you know that I was thinking of not baking these cookies in the temperature written in the recipe (190ºC). I usually bake cookies at only 170ºC for 9 to 11 minutes and in my oven, it does the trick every time.  But I figured Jess knows way more than I do so I just followed the recipe and baked these at 190ºC!

But my oven, when it's in the mood to be too hot, does heat up too hot.  I also don't understand why I baked the first batch of cookies for 11 minutes and the kitchen already smelled of 'take us out already or we're going to burn and be totally inedible!!!' cookies.  

Go by your senses, friend!

So for the following batches I only baked them for 10 minutes and immediately transferred them to a wire rack.  Be careful when doing so because even after 10 minutes at 190ºC, the cookies were still a little tender!  An offset spatula was what I used to lift the cookies off the cookie sheet and onto the wire rack.

Another thing!  The recipe says it makes around 12 to 15 cookies.  I got 19.  I don't know exactly how much cookie dough the ice cream scoop I use scoops but eyeballing it I'd say about one and a half tablespoon.  Oh and yes, I opted to use white chocolate in place of the chocolate chips.  Either way!  But I suggest you go big and use 1 cup of chocolate.  The half cup isn't enough!

I expected a faint cocoa taste in the cookie but not from these cookies!  This is the first red velvet cookie I had and made at the same time and I'm really happy with it.  These cookies are almost brownie-like but not brownie-fudgy, soft and chewy and damn right delicious!

I do hope you give this red velvet cookie recipe from How Sweet Eats a try!

And if you haven't already, please watch Stranger Than Fiction.  Here's sweet Ana whom all bakers can relate to!


Til the next post!

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