Banana Cinnamon and Walnut Pancakes


Back in college, I would religiously sit in front of my vanity and put on makeup.  I would try my very best (keyword here is try) to wake up a couple hours before classes.  Like I'd just be wearing a shirt, jeans and sandals but damn was my eye liner on fleek!  Unfortunately, I've lost the touch; I cannot seem to draw even, sharp lines anymore and you bet I am frustrated.

This post has nothing to do with makeup though.  I just wanted to share because all those YouTube makeup tutorials I've been watching make long for that era in my life (lol) when I could do a perfect cat eye, no sweat and anxiety felt and retouch needed.


Mocha Cheesecake Brownies


It all started with a block of cream cheese.  

The original plan was to make bibingka and sprinkle the cream cheese all over it.  But a banana leaf needed for lining the pan was always forgotten and never made an appearance in our household.  Days turned to a week and I started to crave for something really chocolaty.

And bibingka is definitely not chocolaty!

Toasted Walnut Banana Cake


But in simpler words: banana cake.  My lola Vita's banana cake.  I only named this one like so because it sounds fancier than just 'banana cake'.

And if it sounds more interesting, you'll most likely not ignore yet another banana recipe.

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