Hazelnut Cocoa Chocolate Chip Brownies


Where my 'I'd rather stay at home than (insert whatever it is that you'd rather not be doing)' buddies at?!

Searching and discovering new food blogs that fit right into your alley is like buying a totally unknown novel on the whim but you end up enjoying it a few pages, chapters and second thoughts after.

How is that connected to the brownies you ask?

No connection at all, honestly.  But let me try to make something out of it.

'Best Cocoa Brownies' is how Pick Yin called these over at her blog.  Sure, I've seen more elaborately named brownies but I decided to give her recipe a go mainly because of the comments.  The people ,who have discovered the recipe first, tried it and are good, responsible blogging samaritans, left nothing but high praises for the brownies.

And I'm going to avoid being my usual pessimistic self for this post (hopefully, for a longer period of time really) and say that I agree with them.  You know?  Them good, responsible blogging samaritans who leave important feedback so other readers will know how the recipe fared with them.  Guilty, I almost never, ever comment back on the recipes I try out.  Sorry! 😥

So here's what went down when I made these brownies.

I lined my 8x8 square tin with foil and greased the foil itself with a little butter.

With the butter, sugar, cocoa and salt all together in a large pyrex mixing bowl, I placed it on a large skillet filled with enough water and waited for it to heat up.  The water was already boiling hot but the butter has yet to melt and coat everything and combine everything together!  Tip: Try cutting the butter into small pieces and hopefully they will melt faster unlike when someone plopped the stick and 1/4 straight in.  Just remember to be careful when dealing with heat!

After that everything went on with no problem encountered.  And I have this habit of adding stuff to recipes that didn't really ask for it.  In this case, I added chopped hazelnuts and milk chocolate chips because why not?!  Right?

I baked mine for 22 minutes and let them cool completely because I planned on 'flash freezing' them so I could cut them neatly.

Who was I kidding!  The wait I had to go through while the brownies were cooling were already long enough and I wanted to have a bite already!  So no flash freezing happened.  And as much as I despise it; taking pictures under fluorescent light happened (again).

The taste? My goodness.  I emptied my container of cocoa powder for this one and it was worth it.  Fudgy?  Check.  Chocolaty?  Check.  Rich?  Check.  Was the addition of nuts and chocolate chips worth it?  YOU BET.  All I'm going to say now is, this recipe is really something everyone should try.  Once or thrice a month.  It's that good.

And you know what?  They taste even better when you put them in the fridge and eat them cold!

However you eat 'em and whatever you decide to add in 'em, you don't have to worry.  It's going to be the 'best cocoa brownie' you'll ever bake.  😉

Til the next post!

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