Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies


Do you remember your first baking experience?  Did you make cookies?  Or brownies?  Or something more complex than those?  I remember baking cookies for the first time and totally being clueless that there is such a thing as 'over mixing'.  Over mixing is never a good thing; we must all remember that.  But unfortunately for me, I sure did mix the cookie dough quite vigorously.  Let's just say those cookies weren't the easiest/most pleasant to bite into.

And for some reason, I wanted to recreate those same cookies.  At least now I know not to mix like crazy.  I have lost the recipe I used then and searching for cookie recipes that uses Oreos is not an easy task.  There's just too many!

But with that much option all you really have to do is pick one.  I went with the recipe from Oh, honey honey (now if that isn't the cutest blog name then y u so cold?!).  Are you ready to hear the name of the cookies?  'Browned butter Oreo Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt'.  Yep.  And with a name that long given to a cookie you bet it's going to be a good one!

But what if you don't have toffee and sea salt like me?  I think it'd be fine if I just encourage you to just double up your Oreos and chocolate chips instead.  I also used pink Himalayan salt because I've yet to get my hands on a reasonably priced but great quality flaky sea salt.  Make do with what you already have on hand, friend!  Just make sure you brown the butter, okay?  Browned butter makes everything even more beautiful.  But there's a catch.  You have to let the dough chill in the fridge for at least an hour.  I mean 1 hour may seem like a long wait but knowing you'll have freshly baked cookies at your mercy afterwards is more than enough reward, right? 😉

Instruction was to scoop 2 tablespoons-worth of dough.  Somebody didn't follow through. 🙃

Not only that, despite scooping only a tablespoon of dough, that same somebody still baked the cookies for 9 minutes. 🙃

That somebody should not be followed.  Learn from that somebody's wrongdoings.

But despite those little baker glitches, the cookies still came out really yummy.  Like I'd attempt to describe the taste but all I'd be able to say about it is 'god damn they are so sarap you have to try them asap!'.  Excuse the language, but... DID I JUST RHYME?!

Just don't overmix and overbake!  Til the next post!

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