About Me

Hi there!  Welcome to my blog, Baking with Abbyisabee!  My name is Abigail.  You can call me Abby, too.  The name 'abbyisabee'? To be honest with you, I still don't have an explanation how I came up with that one!

Wait.  Actually, I'm going to present you with an equation.

'Abby' = 'A bee' therefore 'Abby is a bee!'

And it's not really supposed to make any sense.  Moving on!

Before I decided to create this little space, I've never thought about baking.  Or actually taking pictures of food.  I'd just consume, give thanks and that was it.  Heck! I didn't even know what crumb coating was then!  Enter the phase in my life when I started to discover food blogs one by one.  The recipes! The photographs! The stories!  The very first food blogs I found were my Diagon Alley to the world of baking and to more food blogs.

My first layer cake ever!

I don't have any background nor even informal training in baking.  My mom is a great cook but she has never made a cake.  Ever.  I can't really say what made me really get into baking but I remember after my very first Oreo cookies, there was no turning back.

My first ever cupcake post!

I decided to create this blog to serve as my journal.  'Journal for what?'  For myself.  I simply get a kick out of taking photographs, sharing my stories and thoughts even if I have yet to receive a single comment...so guys leave me a comment, 'kay?  I also get to see little improvements and keep tabs of the recipes I've already tried and such.  Since food blogs are everywhere and plenty, I decided to become the equivalent of a 'product review' on YouTube and be the 'recipe review' blog.  Granted I may provide you with a random thought on each (or every) post instead of a full blown recipe review, but no need to worry because I won't ever forget to deliver the verdict in the end.  

Instagram loved this banana bread

But I will try to post some of our own recipes, too!

So with or without experience in baking, we can do this!  I want to convince you that baking is beautiful and not at all intimidating and so is blogging.

I hope to hear about your baking adventures!

The cutest doughnuts I ever made!

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