Homemade Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze


Ladies and gents, here before you are the first ever doughnuts I made.

If you're applauding me for even attempting to recreate such a classic comfort food at home, thank you, thank you!

This whole thing is made possible by the great Joy The Baker because as I, like any other after-work nights, was browsing through her recipes and came across a post titled 'Old Fashioned Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze'.  

Who wouldn't click on that?!

I did. You should too.

I must say even making just a small batch of these, I am now confident to make some more real soon!

I just wish I don't get jinxed. I do believe in jinxes. But jinxes aside, I'm just surprised at how easy making doughnuts at home turned out to be!

I used pre-ground nutmeg and buttermilk though; and maybe I used more than a tablespoon of melted butter because I had quite an issue with the batter itself.

I'm not even going to tell you the issue I had with the batter because the most important thing is everything worked out well in the end.

With floured hands, I rolled small chunks of dough into tiny balls and poked the center with a large, round piping tip. 

Oh, how pleased I was when after deep frying the first few ones, they looked like the legit ones I would see being made in our local bakeries!

I tried dusting powdered sugar over one but it didn't do for me; it wasn't sweet enough. 

If you decide to make these and the glaze, you can thank me later and you're very much welcome in advance because that chocolate glaze is super delish!

The recipe for the glaze asks for a cup and a half of powdered sugar but what I did to get a not too overly sweet but chocolate-y glaze was use only a cup of powdered sugar.  Try it too and let me know what you think!

I mean if you have kids you can let them do the dipping but really even if you do, you should try dipping doughnuts into the glaze yourself because it is an awesome experience!

I took out the big 3 in my sprinkles department because they make any photo a thousand times better! Plus, I always want to use them anyway.

You can make this on days when you're not that busy and want something yummy or you just want to make some doughnuts and take photos and post them on all of your social media (who could that be? Me.).

I feel like in every post I sort of persuade the reader to make whatever I had just posted but it's true! You really should! Making doughnuts is so much fun and of course eating them is way more enjoyable but sharing is the way to go.

That is one tiny bite.  For a tiny doughnut.

Good bye for now but hopefully you're already planning on making these doughnuts soon!

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