Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting


I feel that I should start by saying that this is my second vanilla cupcake blog post.

Have you seen the first one? Which also happened to be my very first cupcake post ever?

And if you already saw it then you'd know I didn't have any luck whatsoever with that particular cupcake and frosting combo.



This one?

This vanilla bean-flecked cupcake piped with the most luscious chocolate frosting ever and finished off with rainbow nonpareils and purple jimmies?

I had way more positive and, of course, delicious results!

Now I have to let it out there that vanilla isn't my favorite cupcake flavor.  I don't hate it or anything but it's just that I'm more inclined towards chocolate.

But when the amazing Joy The Baker posts something even if it's about a simple vanilla cupcake, I listen.  And then I check if I have all the ingredients needed so I can make it ASAP.

I know there are a ton of recipes out on the Web and each claim that their recipe is 'The One'.

Let's just say one cupcake baked all wonky so of course I had to do something so it won't be miserable any longer.

After 10 minutes of letting it cool, I ate it and oh, it was good!

I mean in other circumstances, I wouldn't just eat a plain cupcake.  Let me say that again, a plain vanilla cupcake.

In this case, I think that Joy The Baker nailed this particular pairing; this plain ol' (but it has vanilla bean flecks in it!) cupcake with... Can I get a majestic drum roll, first, please?

The most lush, chocolate-y buttercream ever?

In photo it doesn't look as lush and silky and chocolate-y as it did in real life. But oh my dear friend, I don't know what else to tell you aside from 'You have to try this buttercream, soon!!!' !!!

Yes, those exclamation points are necessary to express how I am really urging you to give this 'Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream' combo a try.

'It's just chocolate buttercream', you may say.  But no, it isn't just any chocolate buttercream.

It's got one magical ingredient that I feel is a very nice touch to what could have been 'just chocolate buttercream'.

Are you ready to know what it is?


And I'm going to give you a break from me repeating how much I adore this cupcake and Ovaltine buttercream by showing you this bowl containing a portion of the rainbow and purple jimmies heaven.

Too cute for me not to photograph and include it in this post!

Break is over!

So.  Is this 'The One'?  In terms of pairing, yes.  This may be one of the best pairings of cupcake and frosting out on the Web!

But that is my opinion.  And because Joy The Baker can do no wrong in my eyes.  She may pair something weird with something else that's equally weird and it'll come out really yummy.

I made another gif because it's so entertaining!

I mentioned in my 'Funfetti Cupcake' post that nonpareils have a habit of jumping from one surface to another.

Here's proof.

And the weirdest food blog shot, ever.

I stepped on a lot of rainbow after I took these photos.

So, this post about how Ovaltine can make a regular buttercream taste way, way, waaay better and it shining through because it was paired with dainty vanilla cupcake has to end.

It has to because now it's your turn to make these.

And if you already have your favorite vanilla cupcake or cake recipe but want a new frosting then look no further!

But even if you already have your favorite recipe, you should give new ones a try.  Just for comparison, you know.

So again, Joy The Baker's vanilla cupcakes with the most luscious chocolate buttercream, is just waiting for you to give it a go.


This is me bidding you adieu!

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