Funfetti Cupcakes


I may have already mentioned in a post that ever since I bought sprinkles (nonpareils? Jimmies?) I always feel the need to use them.

 All. The. Time.

When I was introduced to the magical baked goodie that is 'funfetti', I knew I had to make some at home!

I also may have shown a picture of the baking/cooking books that I own.

Or I haven't... Oh well!

The things is in all those books there isn't a single recipe about anything 'funfetti'. But I realized it may also be because 'funfetti' is just white cake mixed with a generous amount of colorful sprinkles. 

Hahahahaha... *face palm*

The first 'funfetti' how-to that I saw was Laura Vitale's 'Confetti Birthday Cake' which I hope to recreate sometime.  Not now though. I'm still having trouble with any frosting I attempt to make. Sad.

There is also this funfetti cake by Molly Yeh which I wanted to make for my birthday last October but naturally it didn't happen.  You may have not yet seen the birthday cake I had for this year so...

I super loved this one! It was my mom's surprise for me.  Look at the big and tiny blobs! Oh, it was a chocolate cake with boiled icing.  Pretty simple flavors but they work so well together.  And nope, I didn't make that cake.

I feel like when one searches for anything cake and sprinkles-related it is inevitable Sweetapolita will come up on the search results.  Of course she also has her own version of a 'Funfetti Layer Cake' and she used 'confetti quins' instead! I never knew that's what those cute little buttons are called!

In Sweetapolita's post about said layer cake, she also listed a few other funfetti links from other bloggers and I immediately clicked on the one that said 'Jessica's Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes'.

How Sweet Eats is one of the very first food blogs that I discovered and loved. Thanks to this site (plus many others) too that this little blog of mine exists. Oh golly, please, no tears!

You can tell that that is nowhere near being a white batter. Well, I don't have immense patience to whisk and whisk and whisk by hand to get it to be any paler than that.  I'd like to blame it on my hand mixer which choked that day but I won't because it's now working again.

Did I tell you I used a lot of sprinkles when I made these cupcakes?



This particular recipe from How Sweet Eats made only 12 cupcakes and this batch I made rose very nicely and even my grandpa noticed!

I saw these 'marbled' white chocolate candies while browsing the candy section at the grocery store. I think it goes perfectly well with the cupcake just because even nonpareils aren't enough sometimes!

I just can't help but point out how the green nonpareils stained the batter. I just had to because when I was about to take this particular photo that was when I saw what happened and... Okay, I'm not going to continue complaining about green nonpareils because I'm already 22.

I shouldn't be complaining about anything like that, right?

Besides the frosting covered the tops anyway.

Moving on!

What do you think about the liners I used? They are so cute!

Oh and these nonpareils? They have a habit of migrating from my hand to the cupcake then to the floor.

Look at that (naked) glorious, colorful cupcake and that blob of a frosting!


I think funfetti cupcakes/cakes would be a really great idea for children's parties.  But if somebody brought these cupcakes to my birthday, I'd be very, very excited!

Here, my friend.  Have a funfetti cupcake! Oh and try and make even just a batch of these.
Or two. They're really easy even when you don't have an electric mixer.  You're Superwoman/man!

Check your pantries/cupboards/cabinets/wherever you store your baking paraphernalia and if you have everything on hand, bake away!

Oh and you'll see what I mean about the nonpareils and floors.

Til next time!

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