Abbyisabee goes to Liliw, Laguna!


One cloudy day, we decided to go to Liliw, Laguna and I'd like to share a few photos I took that day!

If you're from the PH and hail from the province of Laguna, you (may or may not) already have an idea why people go there.

They come for the tsinelas.

'The chee-what?'

Basically, tsinelas are flip-flops.  But Liliw produce isn't limited to just that! 

Aside from footwear (they have leather shoes, high heels, and even boots!) they have home stuff, souvenir stuff and etc.!  And like in any town, they have stuff for the hungry tummy, too.

When I was younger, I remember Arabela was the only place where people could sit down and eat in. Or at least the only place where we would go to eat. But that was years ago and now there are a handful other tiny establishments that offer food as well!

Even if there is now a wider range of selection where one could eat, people still choose to dine at Arabela.  That is if they can get a table because most of the time this place is always packed!

I swear this is no advertisement or what but I am telling you the food is just soo good and the restaurant itself is adorable.

I could've taken more photos of the restaurant to show you why it is adorable but I don't think the other diners would appreciate a random lady taking photos while they enjoy their food.

A little note though, if you're tall, remember to duck your head because the place is quite tiny and the ceiling quite low.

I ordered 'boneless bangus (milkfish) belly' and in the plate with it is steamed rice, a mix of chopped tomatoes and ripe mangoes and in that little pot is atcharang ubod.

Who loves pink salmon?  Here it is topped with the same tomato and mango combo.

These are watermelon and grape fruit shakes and two other fruits, I think!  Nonetheless, they were really delish and refreshing.

Cheesecake time!  This one is a New York cheesecake (my mom's favorite).

Dulce de leche cheesecake and oh my, both were yummy!

And I know you'd appreciate another photo of the two together and can I just say, my vertical photos don't retain their quality unlike the horizontal ones after I edit them... sorry about that bit!

And as this post ends, here is a photo of their dessert selection that day.  That carrot cake and black velvet are luring me to go back so I could try them, too!

If you ever find yourself in the town of Liliw, make it a point to eat at Arabela.

That is if there aren't 6 or so other people waiting to be seated.

The restaurant is that good.


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