Brown Butter Walnut Blondies!


A day after my last post, Juventus denied Real Madrid a chance to defend their Champions League title.

And I may have you saying 'What on earth are you talking about? Is this a different blog?'.

No, my dear friend, this is still the Abbyisabee food blog!

It's just that even after a week and a few days I'm still quite sad about it.

But Alvaro Morata = little adorable bae; so I'm going to get over it eventually.
Anyhoo! I think it's time I focus (let me try my best to do that bit) on what this post is all about!

Brown butter walnut blondies.  I may have  mentioned in the 'peanut butter chocolate confetti' post that I fear the act and even just the thought of browning butter.

Actually, I am certain that I did. You should check that one out and read the whole entry while you're there.

There's this post on tumblr that says 'I'm gonna wing this' and sometimes you just got to wing things.  For me, this browning butter sitch is one.

Because what can possibly go wrong, right? I mean if I feel like it's brown enough then I can stop the process and call it a success, right?  Soo all doubts in my mind aside, I finally browned some butter!

Such a feat for me, really. I can't tell you how many (not that many, that I'm positive about) recipes I have 'turned down' because of this seemingly complicated trick!

It turned out to be totally uncomplicated! Just wing it, sister/brother!

And the ultra magnificent Sarah of THE Sugar Hit created this recipe and do I really need to tell you (if you aren't already) to go and start being a Sugar Hit fan?

This salted brown butter pecan blondies from Sarah's blog caught my eye because dang her photos (all of them) just looked so incredible! I wished I could take a piece of blondie right from the computer screen and you'd understand once you see her post.

So let's discuss this sitch right here.

I was a bit unsure whether this is in any possible way going to turn out nicely or even if it was going to bake like how it should because it is just soo buttery!  I kid you not when I tell you once I poured the brown butter into the batter I stopped mixing, put down the wooden spoon (this is a no-need-for-a-mixer recipe!) and went over the ingredients list and instructions again.

Every ingredient was measured correctly and I hadn't skipped any method mentioned.

It was meant to be a buttery batter but Sarah's didn't look this buttery!

I only stopped fretting when I was able to cut through the blondie and yep, that corner was immediately eaten for the household to know if this recipe is a hit or miss.



It's a sugar hit! Get it? It's from the blog, The Sugar Hit, so therefore it is...

Never mind.  I can be real bad with jokes so please bear with me.

Now this recipe is not for the not-so-big fans of butter (but how could you?!) and this batch I made was quite the crumbly one (not sure if that should be the case but it isn't a problem to me).  So if you're like me who takes photos of their baked goodies, you may want to be careful while handling this blondie.

Also I didn't have any pecans and I didn't have any dark chocolate bar I could chop up so I made do with what I have on hand.

Walnuts and dark chocolate chunks it is for me and ugh it's just like eating a cookie! But you'll get confused because you're very much aware that it's a blondie.

So you can totally enjoy this buttery blondie that tastes like a cookie as is but as Sarah suggested, try them with ice cream.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Just the thought of this blondie topped with ice cream (I love coffee flavored ones!) while I'm typing this is just too much!

It is sooo good!

I do hope you give this recipe a try and if you are hesitant to brown butter then remember this: 'Just wing it!' and then you'll be rewarded with this delicious walnut blondies.


Til the next post!

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