Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Could a (cookie) name get any longer?!  

Actually I'm not really complaining because how can I? This cookie tastes sooo damn good!

I should probably calm down for a little bit, don't you think?

'Cornflakes in a cookie?! Weird!' 

Yep.  That was my reaction the first time I chanced upon this recipe on Tracy Shutterbean's blog.

The most adventurous I've gone with my cookie is with raisins.  Yes, you read that right.  Raisins are beyond my comfort zone.  Absolutely.  Though we aren't going to talk about raisins today. 


When you were little, have you ever had a cookie with cornflakes in them? Not me.  Not ever.  Not before this instance when I actually tried baking some myself.

And I am glad I did!

Are you a fan of Milk Bar? Yes, as in the Milk Bar where cereal milk and compost cookies originated* from.  This precious cookie is their creation, too!

*I may be mistaken and I've never been to a Milk Bar but I dream of visiting someday!

Milk Bar has the cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie recipe up on their website and other great treats as well!

Tracy Shutterbean (I know that isn't her last name but it sounds adorable) made a few little changes on her version of the same cookie as I did too.

Milk Bar used their very own cornflakes and the how-to is included in their website.  Tracy Shutterbean also used cornflakes and she didn't specify which kind; if it is the frosted or toasted kind.  I opted to use the toasted one because I figured the cookie is going to be sweet anyway.

As for the chocolate, Milk Bar's recipe uses mini chocolate chips, Tracy Shutterbean cut up a Hershey's bar while I used chocolate chunks.  I think if you're wanting to sub in a different kind of chocolate, go ahead! I bet it's going to taste just as great.

Oh and another note: If you're using a handheld mixer like I did, you can definitely mix the add-ins (cornflakes, chocolates and marshmallows) by hand with a spatula or wooden spoon.  I tried and a few bits shot out of the bowl.  Oops.

Another change I made to the recipe was, I used less butter than what the recipe calls for.

I urge you to read through each recipe before you start because like with this cookie, you need to chill the finished dough for at least 1 hour.

But I read a comment on Tracy Shutterbean's post saying how she lessened the butter by 2 tablespoons and didn't chill the dough anymore and it still turned out perfectly fine with 'minimal spreading'.

Because let's be real, who has the patience to wait for an hour for cookie dough to chill? I don't.  Well, sometimes I do but come onnn the sooner the cookies are in the oven, the better.  


I also used a tablespoon to scoop out the dough while both Milk Bar and Tracy Shutterbean used a bigger scoop (a 1/3 cup! Imagine!) and I definitely had to adjust the temperature and baking time.

Just keep in mind that the smaller the cookie, the lesser time it needs to bake so keep your eye on them!

Fresh out the oven!

You may be thinking, 'What? Those are the cookies?'.  Indeed.

They may not look like much but be prepared to be blown away by how these taste.


I know they really aren't the prettiest of cookies and I don't think they are meant to be because the taste sure does make up for it.


Though I had quite an issue with taking the cookies off the cookie sheet.  The marshmallows that were on the edges melted and became... real sticky.

Not a pleasant situation, I have to say.

But with pure determination and a spatula on one hand, I managed to remove the cookies.  Some not as one whole cookie but rather in pieces.  But that's fine at least it'll be easier to toss the cookie (now in crumbs) in vanilla ice cream, right? Yum!

I think one way to avoid the bit of cookies sticking to the cookie sheet and ending up with crumbs, use those non-stick baking mats and you'll be good.

Let me enjoy this chewy yet crunchy and chocolaty cookie or two with a glass of milk while I daydream about Milk Bar and their goodies.

Til the next post! 

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