Cookies and Cream Cake


There's a wall in my bedroom that is filled with sticky notes.  In those notes I have written down the recipes I want to try, what ingredients are needed and when I plan to make them.

I enjoy looking at that wall because it serves as a reminder that I can try to be organized.

Not that I follow what's on that wall strictly.  I don't.  I can't.


Why?  Because sometimes a new found recipe just seems too good that I'll willingly drop an already planned one just for it.

Like this cake.

And because who wouldn't go for Oreos instead?!  Right? Highest of fives if you agree!

Wait... What?  You really wouldn't?  Oh, dear.  Our friendship may be in vain* but let's put your unenthusiastic outlook on Oreos aside and continue with the cake that my family couldn't wait to polish off.

*Just joking.  But seriously you'd skip Oreos?!

Like the other recipes I have tried and blogged about, this 2-layer Oreo cake covered in almost soft serve-like whipped cream is one in a thousand.  Or million.  As proven by my 'research' when I retyped 'Oreo cake' and looked at the number of results shown.


Just like this cake.

The cake recipe makes only a single layer of cake but I currently got no time for just one layer of goodness so I doubled the recipe and made two 8-inch layers of goodness.

But I should say that I was tempted to call it a day after covering the bottom layer with frosting and more crushed cookies.  It looked beautiful already!  But of course I fought it and still made it into a layered cake.  Decisions, decisions!

As much as I adore the woman behind this dessert, I used another frosting recipe.  One that tastes just like soft serve ice cream.  I wrote about it before on my first ever post about chocolate cupcakes.  The only difference this time is I added crushed Oreos and dyed some of it blue.

How you design your cake is totally up to you.  If you decide to go with a simple cake, no problemo; it will taste just as delicious. But there are times when we feel the urge to put our frosting skills to the test.  Whichever direction you choose to go, simple or frilly, just don't forget to cover the middle layer with even more crushed cookies! 'kay?

I also only had Greek yogurt on hand and even came up a few tablespoons short so I added a little whole milk.  Worked just fine!

You can haphazardly stick tall, neon candles that you won't ever light up in the center like what I did.  I can't ever bring myself to actually light the candles whenever I use them because the humidity (frosting is melting!) and time (it's getting dark way too fast!) already has me under pressure, I hardly need another factor to make me rush taking photos.

Any tips for taking photographs with lit candles?

Wanna know how I was able to make the fancy border?  I studied Sweetapolita's how-to video by heart.  I don't want you to be intimidated because it's really easy.  Again, you just have to wing it and don't be afraid to mess it up!

You can practice on a piece of wax paper just like what Rosie did and if you feel ready, proceed to pipe the border on the top, bottom or both and wow humanity!  Or just your mom.  It's equally rewarding.

Did I mention that this Oreo cake got my family extremely excited?  My dad has never raved about any of the cakes I've made this much but he enjoyed this one.  And he doesn't like Oreos.

Yes! My own father!  Dislikes Oreos!  Of course I am outraged (not).  I really don't understand how there are people who roam the Earth not liking Oreos.  But to be fair to them, they are thinking the exact opposite about us, the Oreo cookie fans.  The world is a funny place, people!

But to prove that miracles happen, my dad even had a slice of this after breakfast!

Okay, fine.  

Me and my mom did, too.  This cake is that good that you wouldn't think twice about having a few bites of it for (or after) breakfast.  Whenever!  And if you are openly against Oreos (why?!), if a friend of yours makes this, have even just one bite?  Who knows, you might just like it, too!

Just remember to make sure the cake is well chilled before serving!

Enjoy making (and devouring) this chocolate cake enveloped in frosting that's just like Oreo ice cream!

Tell me how it goes!

Til the next one!

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