Strawberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies + 2015 Favorites!


Hello, it's me...

...and these super festive and super yummy cookies.  Have you ever thought about making thumbprint cookies?  I never did.

But here they are!

Double Chocolate Oreo Brownies


Is there a pack of Oreos in your pantry that you haven't opened or eaten yet?  Yes?

You could definitely enjoy those on their own or with a glass of milk where you'll dunk the entire pack one by one and the cookies will get mushy and fall apart... things can get real messy but at least you'll have Oreo milk!

But sometimes Oreo milk or plain Oreos just won't do, right?  Think of them mixed within something that's just as delicious; like ice cream or cookies or brownies!

Matcha Pistachio Pound Cake


One afternoon, my mom and I were at a coffee shop.  I ordered their tiny chocolate chip cookies (emphasis on tiny) and a soda while my mom got a matcha muffin and tea.

I didn't think it was a legit matcha muffin because it wasn't green.  I took a bite.  Then another.  Oh my glob.  The muffin itself was lovely and tender and had a very faint aftertaste of something good (clue: it's the matcha doing its thang). Needless to say, I liked it very, very much.

That very day I announced (mentally) that I shall bake anything matcha as soon as possible!

S'mores Cupcakes


My friend, can you actually believe it's already December?  Can you? Can you?  Because I can't.

This year is like the one sports car whizzing past all the other cars on the highway, leaving all the other cars behind.  That is if it isn't bumper-to-bumper traffic.

I can go on and on about how I'm still in disbelief that we're only a few more weeks until the new year (!!!), but we have something to discuss.

Yes.  That.

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