Double Chocolate Doughnut Muffin


V-day is fast approaching and I'm bringing you a wonderful idea and an incident that will make any baker weep.  Let's start with the sad bit first, shall we? :)

I went to the mall, headed to the baking section just looking around with no intention of buying anything and then...there I saw a neat stack of this special kind of pan.

'What pan?' A doughnut pan.  

You better believe I went nuts!  On the inside only though!  I didn't want to scare the other patrons away so I did my happy dance and shriek mentally.

A doughnut pan got me real excited because I'll have you know I've been wanting one since, uhh, I learned I could make doughnuts at home?  Yeah, that's right.  I just had to have it!  But I'll also have you know that my oven is a tiny one.  I even asked a store clerk for help and we tracked down my oven brand but alas, they didn't have the same model.

Have you ever come across the saying 'trust your instinct' because they 'never lie'?  Or something similar to that?  Doughnut pan in my hands, I had a feeling that it was the wrong size for my oven.  I circled around the store contemplating whether to go forth and buy the damn pan already or put it back on the shelf.

I bought it.  There's no happy ending here because the damned pan was too large!  If you could hear the Angels of Doughnuts weep, you would have heard me weep alongside them, too.  Oh, how heartbroken I was over a piece of kitchen equipment!

I never claimed to function normal, 'kay.  So about that idea?  That wonderful idea?  I didn't come up with it and if you and I should ever meet the person who did, we should give that person a bear hug.  And a muffin.  Oh, wait...a doughnut muffin.  Like?! 'Hello, Abigail!  Drop all your baked doughnut plans because doughnut muffins!'.  Dear friend, if you got a cupcake pan instead, all your doughnut dreams can still come true.

You can go searching for doughnut muffin recipes and if you're super duper into cinnamon and sugar and then both combined then you're in great luck.  But if cinnamon sugar just won't do...look up baked doughnut recipes instead.  Now we're talking!  So many more creative and appetizing flavor combos!

This 'Baked Double Chocolate Cake Doughnuts' from A Cozy Kitchen included.  I know, I know it's not groundbreaking flavor combination but I'd rather a chocolate glazed-chocolate anything than cinnamon sugar.  So what's next after you've picked your baked doughnut recipe on the Web?

Turn them into doughnut muffins.  How many more times will I mention 'doughnut' and 'muffin' in this single post?  Dunno.  A whole lot more that's for certain!

Now when you take a baked doughnut recipe and make it into a muffin, the ingredients will stay the same, of course, but a few changes will have to be made to the process.  What I did was read through Cooking Classy's Gingerbread Doughnut Muffins post and took note of the temperature, how full do the cupcake liners need to be filled and how long should the baking time be.  The instruction was to fill each liner 'nearly full' then bake the muffin at a high temperature and after a few minutes, lower the temperature and bake until done.  

Sounds familiar?  I thought so, too.  I did the same thing when I made these apple cinnamon streusel muffins. The reason you bake muffins at a higher temperature first is for the muffins to develop that high domed-top because they look absolutely incredible and duh, baking magic!

I got 8 lovely, high, dome-topped muffins just perfect for dipping into the luscious chocolate glaze.  Adrianna, the woman behind A Cozy Kitchen, said that the corn syrup is not necessary but if you do have corn syrup, use it!  Anything to make our baked goods look blog-ready!  Oh, wait.  Would your lovey dovey mind if you keep these muffins for a little while?  Sure, you made these for your one and only, but you got blogger work to do!  Then after all the shots and angles and drizzle and bite have been photographed, proceed to devouring these edible beauts!

No lovey dovey?  No one and only?  Cheer up, bud, because that only means one thing.  These?  These glossy glazed, sprinkled beauties with a tender cake and just the right dose of sweetness?  They are all for you.  I mean you can gobble these up while watching your favorite non-romantic movie or while cracking up to these hilarious gifs or while you take your pick on this side of Etsy or you can keep a few for snacking later but they are all yours to keep.  See, I got you on this meh day!

And whoa, someone is in a talking mood, huh!

But we've finally reached the end...of this post that started with an unlucky purchase which led to a discovery that I don't really need one anyway.  Cupcake tins are a gift to us all!

Sooo whatever your plans for tomorrow, I'd still like to hear about it.  Like did you wake up extra early to make these doughnut muffins?  Or did you wake up late and baked these for yourself?  Whichever path you took, leave me a comment!

Til the next post!

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