Cinnamon Raisin Rolls

Brown Butter and Honey Pistachio Blondies


Let's start this post by me telling you, dear gal/pal, that I made these blondies* the moment I got out of bed.  Actually before I got out of bed I had to debate with myself (who doesn't!?) if I should get up now or in 10 or 30 minutes...

So there I was in the kitchen, in my PJs, socks and crazy bed hair and not yet fueled by coffee, making quite a noise as I gather the ingredients needed for this recipe.

Banana Chocolate Cake


Have you ever paid attention to recipes on boxes of flour and sugar?  On the containers of cocoa powder?   On the cartons of cream?  No?  Yes?  My answer?  I usually don't.  I usually just throw the box and not even glance on whatever was printed on the back.

I can be such a real recipe snob.

But it's never too late to change all that!

Taisan (Filipino Chiffon Cake)


Ever been to a Goldilocks store?  You most probably have seen a loaf enveloped in a golden crust, topped with butter, sugar and cheese.  You most probably caved in and bought one.  Or two.  You most probably couldn't wait til you get home and enjoy a slice or even finish the entire thing.

Coffee can help you down all that goodness.  They are a perfect pair, believe me.

And that's what we're making today, folks!  Taisan a la Goldi's!

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