Carrot Cake Cookies


A rant of sorts is what you'll be reading from the jump. 😬

Let's do a quick recap of how little attention and effort I put into this blog for a while now: the month of August saw only a single update (hummingbird muffins, anyone?!).  While September was able to get double updates (this cookie and this brownie) at least but for some reason I wasn't at all satisfied with either outcomes.  'Not fudgy or chocolaty at all!' and 'Why is it so blurry?' were just some of the questions I threw at myself with regards to those two.  I'm aware that not all of the recipes I try and do a post on are amazing and a success but lately I feel jinxed.

I doubt every other recipe I test out; thinking oh, this is going to be another fail.  Even if the recipe is raved upon on the author's site, I can't help but be such a pessimist!

And what a fantastic combination it is being a negative thinker than being truly uninspired at the same time? 😶

I know.  I've hit the jackpot at 'winning in life', huh?  Dear reader, I don't intend to rain on your parade.  But it's just that these carrot cake cookies recipe failed to deliver once more, and your girl here is left doubting and unimpressed yet again.


So what exactly happened with these carrot cake cookies recipe from Baker By Nature?  Truth be told everything was going great until it was time to scoop the dough. It was just too soft!  I remember the butter I used was just at room temp.  I had to put the dough in the freezer hoping it will somehow firm up or at least be of the right consistency.  So that's Issue #1.  What's Issue #2?  Instruction in the recipe was to scoop 1 and a half tablespoons worth of dough.  I followed through and the cookies were a little oversized for my liking so I stuck to just a tablespoon a scoop.  Actually, #2 is really just personal preference.  Issue #3?  Even after letting the cookies cool completely, the cookies were just too soft!  Well, the author did describe her cookies as 'pillows' but she also said they were 'chewy' but mine were, yes, soft like pillows, but were nowhere near chewy. 😭

And like any responsible 20-something-year-old, I Googled for possible explanations as to why cookies become super soft and cakey which are two qualities I would like in cake but definitely not in cookies.

I lost track of the links but one explanation that stuck with me was using an electric mixer could be one reason why cookies become soft and cakey.  Something about whipping a little more air necessary or something.  To all my baker experts out there, was what I read true?  Or nah?

The cookies taste great.  If you're a fan of carrot cake, these cookies taste just like one.  But like I said, the cookies were just too soft!  So somebody put them in zip loc bags and chucked them in the fridge.  Now that made them sorta chewy and firm.  I didn't make the frosting in the recipe just because.  But if you try the recipe out and encounter not a single issue, I would like to demand an in-depth essay and explanation of what you did exactly.  I hope you have more luck with this recipe!  Let me know!

Til the next post!

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