Oatmeal Chocolate Coffee Cookies


Admittedly, I am (absolutely) not oatmeal's biggest fan.

But what do I have for you today?  Another post about oatmeal cookies!  Ha!

Let's not dwell too much on my lack of appreciation for this grain and let me offer you a seat and a plate of cookies just fresh out of the oven!

I find it amusing that I already have two other oatmeal cookie posts under my belt.  One with raisins and the other with butterscotch.  And I enjoyed them both.  Weird, no?

Are we seeing a pattern here?  You want me to actually like oatmeal?  Throw them in cookie batter, bake them first and then we'll talk.

But when you read Ree Drummond's, aka the Pioneer Woman, post about her 'brown sugar oatmeal cookies', you'll be hooked.  She's going to convince you to yet try another oatmeal cookie recipe despite your lack of excitement for it.  There's no escaping her ability to make you laugh and imagine that she's just right there with you, offering you a cookie or two.  She's going to make you want to give oatmeal another chance.  And here we are indeed!

As you can see, your friend added an ingredient that isn't on the list.  I've seen a few cookie recipes that use chocolate-covered coffee beans and they just seem so interesting and delicious!  But unfortunately, I can only get my hands on coffee bean-shaped and flavored chocolate so that's what I added here.

So, sooo good!  You can add whatever you want like some nuts (which is what Ree recommends) and other kinds of chocolate.

You most certainly can throw in whatever add ins you fancy that will make you fancy eating oatmeal cookies.

Should these cookies with crunchy edges, chewy centers, oats (!!!) and coffee-flavored chocolate make an appearance in your kitchen?  Definitely.  They're healthy-ish which means you can totally eat more than 4 in one sitting.

Leave me a comment and tell me how yours went!

Til the next post!

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