Welcoming 2015 in Baguio!


Hello, dear one.  It has been way too long since my last post where I told you about how I found and eventually fell for this lovely and easy orange cake.

I know, I know. Neglecting one's infant blog for more than a month is just plain unacceptable!  How could I?!

It's just that come the month of December things start to reach ultra cray level and I had to:
 - meet deadlines and make sure everything is A-OK at work before the vacation starts
 - buy/bake gifts for the lovely people in my life
 - plan my outfits
 - schedule a get-together with friends (I got to try kimchi rice for the first time!)
 - help at the kitchen (which also translates to being a taste tester)
 - pack for the trip to Baguio!


We arrived in Baguio on the 30th of December and stayed there for 3 days.

When you visit the Good Shepherd, most likely you will be welcomed by a hundred other people lining up to get a hand on their goods (if they still have any in stock!).  One doesn't leave the Good Shepherd with just one bottle of anything!  I have to recommend the ube jam though. 

The bottles they gave us were still warm and oh, it's a good thing I didn't have a spoon with me or else I'd devour that ube jam right away! 

The ride going to the BenCab Museum isn't a short one.  Well, depending on where you are that is.  And just like at the Good Shepherd, if you're going here on a holiday, be prepared because you'd be looking, admiring, taking pictures (and selfies! You know it!), and bumping into even more people. 

And if you're planning on sampling a bite at the Cafe Sabel, though I'm not certain, try to make reservations if that's allowed.  We weren't able to eat there because well...we were hungry and couldn't wait for 20 or more minutes before we get seated!


I'm not ranting, I promise! There really was just a lot of people when we went but it's all worth it because this place is beautiful.  Just don't take too much time taking selfies in one place because others would want to do the same thing too!

No shame on this particular picture. No shame!!!  Fine, I was really hungry, okay!

50's Diner.  Always full of diners. Haha.

By the time this picture was taken, I was already shaking from the cold.  I just nod my head and applaud the people who could walk around nonchalantly with just a regular shirt on! Some were even wearing shorts! 

My OOTD.  And my first ever selfie here on my blog! Hello there! I'm a real human being!  Good morning/afternoon/evening/midnight/early morning, Starshine! 'The Earth says hello'!

We left Baguio on the 2nd of January and I want to pack my bags (again) and go somewhere (again)!

Hope you enjoyed the now clear pictures!

And of course, a happy new year to you!

Let's all make this one nice not only for ourselves but for the people around us.

Now, I'm not going to make any promises but there should be food posts soon!

Have a merry day, even if it's not Christmas anymore. 


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