Strawberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies + 2015 Favorites!


Hello, it's me...

...and these super festive and super yummy cookies.  Have you ever thought about making thumbprint cookies?  I never did.

But here they are!

I admit; this one I intended to post before Christmas.  But life happens and these cute, round cookies are to be posted on New Year's Eve instead...which is today for me*.

*it's actually the 1st of January as I put this up.  Oh well!!

Well, any day is a thumbprint cookie day, right?

Making thumbprint cookies never entered my mind until I got deep into baking and blogging about pretty food.  Golden edges + shiny, red centers = pretty blogging food.  I know you agree with me!

Making these shortbread/thumbprint cookies is easy peasy.  Trust me on this.

Of course you start by preheating your oven.  You can grease or spray your cookie sheets with non-stick spray or use a non-stick mat.  I didn't do any of those and maybe if I did I wouldn't have more than four cookies breaking in half.  Anyhoo.  Then combine all your dry in a mixing bowl then set aside.  In another mixing bowl, if you have a pastry blender now's the perfect time to bust it out.  If you don't, a trusty ol' fork will do.  Thank you very much.

Why the need for a pastry blender or a fork?  Friend, two words: cold butter.  I learned the hard way that when you use a handheld mixer to incorporate cubed, cold butter with sugar, things are going to get real messy and flying about.

Don't you say I didn't tell you about it.

These cookies taste just like one of my favorite childhood snacks, strawberry Dewberry!  So you know, these homemade ones are really delicious.  Really, really, really delicious.  A bit more fussy than the usual chocolate chip cookie but hey, for the love of blogging!

Or for the love of any cookie, really.

These cookies will be Baking with Abbyisabee's year-ender!  I don't know if any of you who view my posts return and read other posts but to all those who visit the blog, thank you.

But before we say hola to 2016 here is my top 6 for no particular order!

With our hearts, minds and souls, let us say goodbye to 2015 and wholeheartedly accept that every heartache and immense joy we felt, we felt because we need to.  Let us not let the negative things overshadow the great, positive ones, no matter how big or small they may have been.  We all hope for a better year ahead whenever one ends, but this year I am praying for a better me.

With flaws and hopes, 2016, I am ready for you.

I know you are, too.

Til the next post next year! :)

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